Warwick, NY Jazz Festival

There’s yet another great event coming up this month in Warwick: The 2nd Annual Jazz Festival! This fest, having started last summer, will take place this year from August 18-23 at various locations around Warwick. It features many Warwick-local artists in addition to those from the greater Hudson Valley area. This festival is very unique, with a close to home, warming feel but is also akin to any Manhattan, Brooklyn or Queens event!

The bulk of this exciting event will take place right in the heart of the village of Warwick, with events occurring at Railroad Green, Coquito Restaurant, Dautaj Restaurant and Warwick Grove. These locations are quaint and quiet venues for music, and will aid in making the experience more enjoyable overall. Plus, with plenty of quality lodging in and just outside the village there’s not a more convenient location for the events.

For a full line-up of the artists, events and details for the event please go to: http://www.warwickvalleyjazzfest.com/ There you will be able to access all the information you need in order to make your Warwick Valley Jazz Festival 2011 that much better! As always, please consider a stay at our Bed and Breakfast, the Warwick Valley B&B, while you are in Warwick for the event. We are just a block from the village! www.wvbedandbreakfast.com


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Events for Summer 2011!

Hello all, I’ll be writing today talking about all the activities and fun events that are happening in Warwick this summer! First, I want to start by saying that there sure are a lot of easy to attend, fun events going on; There will certainly not be a shortage of activity for Summer 2011.

Most importantly is all the music that is going on… Almost every Saturday this summer season there will be the “Music on the Green” series at Village Green. These events start in the evening around 7pm, and there are new artists/groups every week. In addition to music at Village Green there is the “Music in the Courtyard” series. The courtyard is a section of the Village of Warwick where there is a small fountain and sitting area, along with some restaurants and shops. They are tucked a little further from the road than the surrounding buildings, thus, the courtyard. These musicians will play every Thursday throughout the summer at 7:30pm.

In SugarLoaf, NY, a village that is a part of the town of Warwick, there will also be music: a weekly festival that happens every Sunday at the Bertoni Art Gallery. This festival starts in the early afternoon and contains at least 3 artists every week. A good one to attend, this festival welcomes all kinds of music from Soul Pop, to Rock. The festival will be a big happening for the entire month of July.

In addition to the music that will happening right in town and outside of town at various locations, there are other types of fun things to attend like art and food festivals. “Art on the Green” will be happening every couple of weeks at Village Green. The event is a showcase of local work and is very enjoyable for anyone who enjoys and appreciates artistic expression. In addition to this is the “Black Dirt Fest” celebrating all the local food that is grown in Pine Island, NY on the black dirt growing fields. This event would be a good time for all.

Besides the events laid out here there are also others, which can be viewed in detail and for reference on our website at http://www.wvbedandbreakfast.com/events/index.shtml

Thanks for reading this weeks blog and I hope you enjoy all the events that Warwick has to offer this Summer, it should be very exciting and fun!

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